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12 June 2008 @ 08:48 pm
Fic: Five times, Steve tried to be romantic (and failed)  
Title: 5 times, Steve tried to be romantic (and failed)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Steve Finnan/Daniel Agger (tiny mentions of Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso, Jamie Carragher/Fernando Torres)
Disclaimer: The same as usual: Not mine, never happened, no money.
A/N: This is for the wondeful and lovely  paulii_oh_yesh:)! Because it’s her birthday!!! Happy birthday, hun *hugs*! (You see, you got all the pairings you wanted! Well, almost all xD)
Daniel had never thought he’d once hear an Irishman talking with an italian accent. A bad italian accent. Never.
And yet, that was exactly what he got to hear when he came home on a Thursday night after spending the evening with Fernando. He entered the apartment he shared with his long-term boyfriend Steve Finnan, turned on the lights and froze to the spot. There, in front of him, stood a stark-naked Steve Finnan, who greeted him with the words “Buon giorno, Daniel.” in a really, really bad accent which Daniel only could guess to be italian, but honestly, he wasn’t sure. It could’ve been french as well. All Daniel knew was, that it sounded ridiculous.
He stared at Steve, utterly confused and Steve continued talking in a way, he probably thought was sexy, but it definitely wasn’t and this accent... “I waited for you, Daniel.”
Daniel finally managed to do something else than just standing there and gawping at his boyfriend, as if he was an alien. “Steve, what the fuck... Are you okay?”
“Steve is not here.”
Daniel raised an eyebrow. “Okay... And who are you then and what are you doing in my apartment?”
“I’m Stefano, the sexy italian sex god. And I’m going to give you a night you will never forget.”
Daniel could just stare at him again. At his naked irish boyfriend who pretended to be the Italian Stefano. And he couldn’t help but started to laugh out loud. Steve was right. He surely would never forget this night.
It came the day when Steve thought, he should buy something for Daniel. Something romantic, something that reminded Daniel of him, something that showed that they belonged to each other. And after asking Xabi and Stevie, one of the most harmonic couples he had ever met, he went to a jeweller and after almost an hour of searching for the perfect present, he had finally found it and asked the jeweller to inscribe something on the inside of it.
In the evening, Steve had it all set up. A very romantic candlelight dinner, soft music playing in the background and Daniel looking so damn gorgeous, Steve would love to just skip the dessert and get on to the more important things. But he had to be patient, he still had to give Daniel his present of love.
As soon as they had finished the dessert, Steve looked at his boyfriend and said: “I’ve got something for you.”
Daniel raised an eyebrow. “So?”
“Yeah, I... I thought, I should give you something that reminds you of me and shows that we belong together and so...”
He gave Daniel the small box with the present in it and watched Daniel’s face while he opened it. The Dane’s face lit up when he took out a ring and visibly affected, he read what was inscribed on the ring.
Forever and ever
Steve and-
“Steve? Who the fuck is Danielle?”
After sex with Daniel, it was always the same. Daniel would cuddle up to him, they would tell the other that they loved him and then they would go to sleep. Neither of them was a really romantic person but from time to time Steve had this moments, when he felt the need to do something romantic. These moments mostly took place after he had heard Xabi telling Fernando about all the romantic things, he and Stevie did. And when even Fernando started to talk about the romantic scenes in his love life with Carra, Steve had the sudden feeling, that he wasn’t romantic enough and felt like he had to do something romantic.
And so he found himself in bed with Daniel in his arms, staring at the ceiling and trying to come up with something nice to say.
“Daniel?”, he began.
“Hmmm?”, Daniel replied sleepily and Steve smiled. Daniel was so cute.
“Do you have any idea just how much I love you?”
“If it’s a bit like my feelings for you, then, yes, I think I have an idea.”
“You’re the most important person in my life, Daniel. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have you... My life would be so dull and empty. That sounds terribly stupid but you mean the world to me, Danny. I love you so much, that I sometimes think I’ll explode and-“
The sound of Daniel’s snoring interruptes Steve’s talk and he stared surprised at his now sleeping boyfriend, before he shook his head disbelieving. Daniel had absolutely no sense for romance.
It was completely Fernando’s fault that Steve was now standing here, under Daniel’s window and was throwing little stones against the glass. Fernando and his stupid idea that it was romantic to sing for the man you love (and according to the Spaniard, it would lead to lots of hot sex. At least it had worked like this for him and Jamie.) and Steve really didn’t know, why he had thought this idea was good only a few hours ago, because well, the difference between him and Fernando was that Nando could sing. He couldn’t.
But nevertheless he still stood here and when Daniel opened the window, he honestly began to sing and regretted it immediately. It was so embarrassing, it really was and he swore to himself that he would never ever do something like that again. Not even for Daniel and not even if it would lead to the best sex he ever had. He loved Daniel with all his heart but that... Never again.
“Steve? What are you doing there?”
He ignored Daniel’s shocked and surprised question and continued to sing, if he really could call that singing, and grimaced everytime when he sang completely out of tune, which unfortunately happened quite often. But he had started this and he would bring this to an end now, no matter how horrible it was. But if this didn’t lead to really damn hot sex, the best sex ever, he’d kill Danny...
Suddenly the light behind the window of one of Daniel’s neighbours lit up and an angry voice shouted: “What the fuck is that damn noise about? Some people are trying to fucking sleep!”
Steve blushed furiously and he heard Daniel chuckle.
“Move your pretty ass up here, Finnan! You can continue your... umm... singing in my flat.”
Steve didn’t like away games. Not because of the game, he loved playing football, but because Rafa somehow never made him and Danny to room mates. Perhaps he knew that he and Daniel were having a relationship and separated them because of that, which was actually quite understandable but Steve hated it nevertheless. He hated it that Daniel roomed with Fernando and he had to room with Xabi. He liked Xabi, he was really nice and easy to talk to and Steve normally liked spending some time with the Spaniard, but Xabi definitely had one major flaw. He wasn’t Daniel.
Loving Daniel had the disadvantage that Steve wanted to be with him and be able to tell him that he loved him and that he wanted him every minute of the day.
So when Xabi was away, Steve was pretty sure the Spaniard was at this very moment fucking a certain Englishman who happened to be the Captain of Liverpool Football Club, he grabbed his mobile and quickly texted Daniel.
“Hey baby,
just wanted to tell you how much i love you.
whished you could be here with me right now and not with nando...
love you,
Steve smiled and sighed dreamily when the door to his room was opened and Daniel walked in.
“Danny!”, Steve said surprised and looked at his boyfriend who looked as gorgeous as ever. “What are you doing here?”
“Am I not allowed to visit my boyfriend in his room when he’s all alone and probably missing me like hell...” Daniel crawled onto the bed and moved closer to Steve before he slowly started to kiss his neck.
“Of course I missed you... Didn’t you read the SMS I sent you?”
“SMS? I didn’t get a SMS...”, Daniel murmured and let his hand slip beneath Steve’s pullover and started to stroke his lover gently.
“What?” Steve pushed Daniel away from him. “But I sent you one only a few minutes ago!”
“Well, I didn’t receive one.”, Daniel said angrily and crossed his arms. What the hell had gotten into Steve? “Here, you wanna look?” He tossed him his mobile and Steve carefully examined it. Daniel was right. There was no message. He stared at Daniel with wide eyes. “But if you didn’t get it... Who then?”
His gaze fell upon his own mobile that lay innocently on the nightstand and his eyes widened immediately when he saw this message on it: “Message delivered: Carra”
Oh shit...”, he muttered when the door flew open and a furious Jamie stomped into the room, followed by a no less angry Fernando Torres. And Daniel... Daniel started to laugh. 
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paulii_oh_yesh on June 12th, 2008 07:32 pm (UTC)
OMG! *squeals lots* This is awesome! You're awesome! *hugs and sends lotsa cookies!*

I loved 1 & 5 the best - they made me laugh the most but I loved it all too really! :DDD You're too awesome.

I'd love to see Steve try on an Italian accent and fail miserably, it'll be so funny! And omg! The last one! :DDD I love it! *squeals even more*

LOL at Carra, that was classic! I looove you for including most of my fave pairings! You're just awesome/amazing/lovely/fantastic you! XDDD

presque: dannycasi_casi on June 13th, 2008 02:54 am (UTC)
OMG - this was hilarious! Great to see some Fagger - I've been missing them :)
Nadine Duchess of Skittles: Dannyela_alonso on June 13th, 2008 09:49 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for the comment :). Yeah, there just isn't enough Fagger love in the world^^.